It’s difficult to find free food on the Internet

it seems like I need to actually get into the city first, then visit the local churches to find out where there are free hot meal sites. Many of the websites for each city don’t seem to be accurate and they insist that you call them first. I see one website tries to compile food pantries for each city, but it doesn’t look very accurate. Many donation sites will change locations and that can take a long time for a national website to update.

Google maps has improved its library information very nicely at least. Not only can I find the city library, but I see on Maps what the hours are too. This is very helpful for timing a visit. But there is still a lot of work that could go into timing for hot meal sites.

I suspect that many free pantries don’t want to advertise their services too much in case they might get overwhelmed by bums. It’s not like they are competing to give things away or anything. They want the poor person to do a little work in researching the times and locations, most likely.

I feel like when I find a good city that provides a lot of meals, it gets a little harder to leave and start over in another city. This is why I dig for more information on the Internet. But it’s not that easy. I have to physically go to the next city and walk around to learn more about it.

I think there might be a sweet spot for the population of a city. If the city is too small you won’t find many meal sites. But if the city is very large, then you might expect long lines for free food. Although the choices might be better in larger cities.


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