How to Detect a Troll Alert: Justinhsquishdog, on Instagram, is a threat; here are some reasons

I was recently contacted about another bogus proposition to offer me money without doing anything. As the saying goes, “if it looks too good to be true….” This guy is just another player in the game of cat and mouse, and I’m the mouse. It’s hard to tell how these trolls are collaborating with each other, but from I understand about 8chan, 4chan and baphomet, it’s all very novice in nature. Should I be afraid about the threats that I read? I’m not sure, but threats shouldn’t always be ignored either.

This is another fake proposition to get me to meet with a total stranger for sinister means that I am not interested in.

Here is his profile:


threats, terrorist, Eugene, Oregon, baphomet, 4chan, 8chan, instagram, email, trolls, emails, scared, murder, scam,


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