The Progress of damage from Metabolic Syndrome from the fetus to adult years

First the damage starts at the egg with low mitochondrial activities. Then the fetus doesn’t get enough nourishment to be fully developed. Then, the fetus is subjected to excess weight from the mother which causes an added constriction on the fetus. The mother will have more of a congested liver, or fatty liver disease which will allow toxins to build up in the blood and further damage the fetus. High blood pressure, diabetes and metabolic syndrome further add damage to the developing fetus.

When the baby is born, they are fed a high sugar and unnatural diet. They will suffer tooth damage on their first set of teeth and possibly have dental work done very early. They will suffer the effects of sugar consumption that their mom is already addicted to. Obesity and diabetes will come on early. By the time baby is 5 years old, they will be more massive than it’s healthy siblings. The effects are not always reversible.

Growing into adolescence and teenage years as an obese sufferer can bring early fertility. The excess fat tends to carry extra estrogen hormone which is damaging to the body. With the onset of diabetes, the child will need intervention of will suffer terrible swings with their health. Further consumption of sugar extracts leads to more organ and tissue damage and general weakness of the body.

It’s hard to stop the damage from sugar extracts. Even if the teen survives their obesity and finally decides to lose their weight in their 20s, the damage has been done. They have been adversely affected by their weight problem both socially and physically. They will not ever be 100% clear of the addiction, but many can reach 99% improvements in their health, depending on when they decide to turn their lives around and slap their mommas.


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