Male Public Restrooms tend to be Locked While Female Ones Remain Unlocked

I bring this up because I have noticed it occurring in several locations throughout my travels. It astounds me how females say that other females are very nasty and trash the female restrooms. But, the groundskeepers show time and time again that they prefer to lock up the male bathrooms and only allow females.

Males are the worst customers for the male restrooms. They will poop and not flush, poop all over the seat, get poop on the floor, manage to get poop on the walls or the very back of the toilet, poop in the urinal, make drawings with their poop, stuff large wads of toilet paper in the toilets and plug them up, it smells bad many times, grafitti all over making gay remarks, burning the walls, using sharpies or cutting the walls, leaving unusual trash laying around, and generally making the bathrooms very unholy to look at, let alone breathe.


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