Melting Pots May Look Good on Paper, but don’t exist in Nature

Anywhere that the human species exists, it exists in pockets of similar species. Each home tends to house people of the same species. Each neighborhood tends to have many of the same species. Each city can have a majority of a species living within its boundaries.

I remember having to go through a lot of racial diversity classes in college. It was an attempt to help me see what it was like to be another species. I found it interesting but a little annoying as well. All species of humans have a lot of similarities that the colleges want to focus on, but they conveniently ignored the blatant differences which seems like a lot of bias, on the colleges part.

If I want to be fair about looking at the different human species, then I want to address all the issues related. Why should the undesirable traits of human species be relegated to the deep Internet, and the more desire able aspects be only accepted in professional settings? It is too much bias to be considered constructive criticism for me.

I want all the known differences and similarities between species to be known. Why can’t we simply say that one species of humans would rather kill another for its looks. It’s easy to say that about the differences coyotes and domesticated dogs. There is evidence that coyotes would rather kill other species than mate. However, they will mate on rare occasions which produce coy dogs.

Also, we don’t call the differences between humans as species either. We call it race. Where else in nature do we call it race? By using race for humans and species for other animals, we are attempting to separate humans from the rest of the animal world through our subtle changes in the English language.

Do other languages recognize the sensitivity that the English language has towards the difference between race and species?


5 thoughts on “Melting Pots May Look Good on Paper, but don’t exist in Nature

  1. You are grose! Your socks are sooooo dirty and I’m SURE they stink to high heaven. Throw all your stinking socks away and buy new ones!

    Thank You,


    • Thank you for noticing. It’s a nice camera, huh? Picks up a lot more details, whether they are attractive or not.

      Unfortunately, I am homeless and don’t have the luxury to throw away dirty socks and buy more. Thank you for your concern.

      Also, did you have something to do with the death threats and trolling I experienced over the past weeks. That was a very stressful period to endure.

  2. I’m sorry you were stressed, but being homeless is stressful in of itself! No, I’m not trolling you. Did you contact Mom? She’s worried about you dirty stinky feet to. How about doing a video of your stinky dirty sox? That would be AWESOME!!!



    P.S. – be sure to put plenty of erbs on your free meals from now on!

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