Where will the poor people be driven off to next as a refugee group in America?

Thanks to Obama, it’s not quite as clear who the very poor people are. He is working hard to level the playing field as much as he can. But he is only delaying the future break off of poor people who become refugees from an aggressive class who hates them.

Throughout history, there have been millions of groups of poor people who were driven out of society. Where the people go and and where they end up has been the telling times of the age. They could be marched off to the less hospitable environments that rich people call cheap land. Or the poor people could be forced to simply scatter out of areas that are deemed as valuable land. Either way, the rich decide what land the poor people are not allowed to step foot on.

There is a clear history of social movements that have driven poor people from lands they were once citizens of. For example, in the Roman times, there were several documentations of how large groups of Germanic tribes descended down toward Italy and fought the Roman soldiers. The Germanic tribes composed of whole families that were displaced from their own society. In fact, my own ancestors were displaced German farmers who were driven out of Germany in the 1860s and who set their destination towards America.

The history of America shows that large groups of its own citizens were driven out of society. One such group in the mid 1800s were the Mormons. The society would not accept the Mormons and drove them out of the eastern lands where the Mormons ended up having to make a settlement in Salt Lake City. Luckily, this movement came at the tail end of the Indian drive, which opened up a lot of land for all Europeans.

People are very hostile towards poor people, but with the government protection, it has been able to stave off outright violence towards groups so far. Instead, the poor people are slyly being pushed aside through price wars otherwise known as gentrification. The rich will simply keep raising the prices on people they don’t like and then blaming people’s inability to pay for the prices that are arbitrarily set.

Poor people may generally not want to fight any bloody battles to protect themselves, especially the old people, but that usually is what happens eventually anyways. Society has the break up or break down a little bit before it can build itself up again.


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