Troll Beside Me: My Journey with a Troll Who Used to be my friend

When a crime occurs, people often say that the criminal is the person you least suspect, or it’s the quiet ones that you have to watch closer. But when it comes to your own friends, you may overlook that kind of advice. Friends tend to hide under the radar of your very own suspicions until it’s too late.

If you read, “Stranger beside me” by Ann Rule, she actually worked with Ted Bundy while he was killing women in his spare time. He even confided with Ann about personal subjects, but she never suspected him to be a killer from her direct interactions with him. Instead, it took an outside professional to help her see the truth of the matter.

Trolls are very much like killers. They may not need to kill you directly to get satisfaction with destroying your being. There have been many studies that show video game players are satisfied through the gaming experience with killing the enemy. I believe the most satisfaction further comes from PVP gaming over PVE.

But some gamers want to go further beyond killing other players in games. Because we have many lives in these games, the act of killing of players outright may not feel fulfilling enough. Some people will go taunt the corpse of the dead enemy. I believe some circles call it tea bagging. Or they will send messages to enemy that are vicious and threatening.

Messaging in gaming is a very personal matter to deal with. The gaming industries that manage the PVP environments can have some of the most challenges to deal with when it comes to communication between players. There is a lot of hostility and imagination behind from many people who play games that doesn’t seem to come in public settings.

Imagine walking through a mall and trying to read the other shoppers thoughts. Or listen in on discussions between shoppers and the sales people. You notice that they tend to maintain casual voices, they act like they try to speak with respect to each other. You get a sense that people will mind their own business and may not be aware that you even exist in some populated places. But, is that really how things work under the surface?

Einstein was said to have broken the common belief by saying that everything we see is not always how it should be. People used to make their own empirical studies of observations and make their conclusions from what they see. But, Einstein showed that this can be a false sense of scientific discovery. He turned science on its head.

Psychologically, much of what we observe is through our own perception. You see one result and another person might see the result in a different way. That is the flaw of human perception, that is why we have study after study trying to prove the same thing over and over again. Each time, there tends to be a slightly different result. At the very least, the studies keep people interested.

So, my perception of people is skewed in a different way from other people’s perceptions. I may never suspect certain people who seem nice to me, actually want to see harm done to me instead. It’s hard to see on the surface what gears are actually turning under the surface.

I am being trolled in a way that shows the person has done a fair amount of research on me. It seems very strange for the person to be a total stranger who takes the time to dig deep into my own history. It would make much more sense that this is a person I already have known for many years.

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