The Baphomet Way to Make Money; my stalker made a little money harassing from this

how to make money online? Anonymous 02/04/15 (Wed) 05:16:24 No.54932[Reply]>>55047 >>54983 >>54992 [Watch Thread]
sup baphomet

What are some good ways to make money online? all of the stuff ive tried is shit

[–]Anonymous 02/04/15 (Wed) 05:17:00 No.54933
1.) Create Facebook

[–]Anonymous ## Board Owner 02/04/15 (Wed) 05:24:46 No.54935>>54951
There are no guarantees but the best way is to fuck others over via fraud or beg with pateron etc.

What kind of cash are you talking?

[–]Anonymous ## Board Owner 02/04/15 (Wed) 05:28:24 No.54936
Also a good rout e to take if you get the right connections is with tor, you can make a decent bit by selling nudes of others, dealing drugs for some( not the shit drugs), helping tor friends ( dangerous work but pays well from what I know.)

[–]Anonymous 02/04/15 (Wed) 06:43:12 No.54951>>54954
Back when I was a NEET (now I’m a fucking loser with a job, and crappy life), I wanted to come up with a way with a way to shekel out people who didn’t deserve the money (SJW)…

Anyways, the best I came out with was an Ana Sarcoma tier scam

[–]Anonymous ## Board Owner 02/04/15 (Wed) 06:49:46 No.54954
Try phishing schemes, a guy on tor managed to make 1 mil off of his before he had to give it the boot. Involve electronics and try try and get it able to bypass school system proxy networks, high school kids can’t resit using a library computer to get a free Ipad or new laptop anon.

[–]Anonymous 02/04/15 (Wed) 08:39:17 No.54981
If you are remotely good-looking then go jerk off on camera at or similar. Fags have surprisingly deep pockets

[–]Anonymous 02/04/15 (Wed) 08:45:03 No.54983>>54996
File (hide): 1423068303412.jpg (185.58 KB, 1200×1200, 1:1, froggo.jpg)

>>54932 (OP)
>write something inflammatory and retarded (it doesn’t matter where on the political spectrum you are)
>charge ads on your site
>pretend to be intellectual
>open a patreon to fund your literary genius

Everyone from feminists to PUA to christfags to conspiritards do this. As long as you’re loud and retarded, you can get attention. If you can get attention, you can proffit

[–]Anonymous 02/04/15 (Wed) 09:19:55 No.54992>>54996
>>54932 (OP)
It really depends on what you’re good at and how dedicated/hungry/poor you are. Freelancing online is probably the best way to go, you don’t even have to do sneaky stuff.

I’ve made 10s of ks doing freelancing shit just because I’m a manipulative asshole. I actually ended up working with some famous people. Right now I have a new plan which I’m not going to mention here but I hope it will make quite a bit more with less work.

The internet marketing field is pretty good because it’s basically scammers scamming scammers so there is plenty of money flying around and the expectations are very low. There are people who admittedly have spent thousands on IM stuff and not made more than $100 but they keep coming back.

There’s always shit like Fiverr. I did really well on there because I found an underserved niche.

You just have to think about what you’re good at and then get someone to pay you for it. If you can make money for someone else then they won’t think twice about throwing more money at you.

One rule I’ve developed is: All money comes from someone else.

If that makes sense to you then you can probably make money online.

[–]Anonymous 02/04/15 (Wed) 09:25:01 No.54996>>55000
Econ/business double major, these faggots get it. Listen to them

[–]Anonymous ## Board Owner 02/04/15 (Wed) 09:33:03 No.55000
I agree I guess they’re way is safer.

[–]Anonymous 02/04/15 (Wed) 09:43:54 No.55003
Nice get

Your way is good too. Money is money but if OP is asking this question he probably won’t be able to cover his ass well enough to adopt your method.

[–]Anonymous 02/04/15 (Wed) 10:34:55 No.55036
People will pay you to draw niche porn for their incredibly specific fetishes. Especially if it overlaps with furry.

[–]Anonymous 02/04/15 (Wed) 10:55:35 No.55047
>>54932 (OP)
>What are some good ways to make money online? all of the stuff ive tried is shit

1) learn C#
2) learn unity
3) make game
4) sell game

[–]Anonymous 02/05/15 (Thu) 11:02:48 No.55979>>55992
Can someone post the infographic about how to make money as a blogger with Google ads? I lost it

[–]Anonymous 02/05/15 (Thu) 12:03:49 No.55992
People did that on /b/ years ago. Basically it was a circlejerk where we’d all go to everyone’s blog and click all of the ads. It doesn’t work if you’re just doing it by yourself.

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