More Greg Lathrop Threats to me #3

This guy has been the most persistent stalker I have ever encountered in my life. I never even thought it was possible for myself to have a personal stalker before. I never thought I would ever do anything to garner this kind of attention. I will say that I recall when I was 24 years old (15 years) I had just gotten out of the military and started getting calls from a homosexual spontaneously. He was flirting with me a lot over the phone telling me how interested he was in me. I guess we went to High School together, but I don’t recall him. Either way, after about the 4th call over a 2 month period I exclaimed that I don’t swing that way and the calls stopped. I guess he was too dissappointed to try calling after that conversation.
Greg could be another homosexual, it’s hard to tell. He finds ways to come up with new threats in each email. Each threat was more surprising than the last. But it only takes me a minute to realize they are all bogus. I don’t know why he wastes so much time and energy on me, but he will learn that to regret having put such efort into harrassing me because it’s going no where with little productivity.
If I were to guess what he looks like, I think he is a Millenial age, overweight, white guy, who still relies on his parents money. He likes to read and write a lot and that makes me think he probably has blue eyes. He tries to act like a Mastermind, like he knows a lot of stuff, which makes me think his face shape would be broader at the forehead and more narrow at the jaw. He has a lot of will power harrassing me, so I think he has a more prominent chin. Also, with the kind of anger and hatred he communicates, I think his eye brows are more bushy. 
These judgements come from Chinese Face Reading.
Also, just to mention it again, he claims to represent Krissy Bertone, so that cannot be ignored.
Greg Lathrop


Today at 7:34 AM

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