More Threats, Insults and Lies from Sky’s Daddy

These are the kinds of despicable people who are molded and shaped by 4chan. They will order pizzas to your home out of spite. They relish in making other people suffer until they shut down all their accounts on the Internet, crawl up into a bawl and lay weeping in a closet. It’s too bad I don’t have a home for them to order pizzas to:

I see you found Tillamook hard to stomach! Lincoln City is a little harder to hide in according to the desk sergent at the Sheriffs office I spoke to! They do frequent parking lot patrols looking for asshats like you because its a tourist destination and they dont want trash like you hanging around! They wont mind if we help them take out some trash im pretty sure…see ya soon!
Sorry I misspoke it was the city police in Lincoln that we spoke with. The sheriff was for Tillamook.

Also the head librarian at the Lincoln Library seemed extra concerned and said theyd be sure to step up patrols of their parking lot after hours when we spoke this afternoon! She also asked for a photo of you and we sent her the cute one where u make a funny face like a pig in your video just emphasize how mentally disturbed you are!

When you meet up with “Craig” there you guys can laugh it up about how silly this all is. Hes really looking forward to meeting up with you! And make sure your car doesnt break down. I know how secure it makes you feel to be able to just drive away at any time.
Did you find the GPS device yet? Your car is full of stinky shit waist deep so it may take a while to find!! But Im sure you knew it was there already! Its amazing how small they can make them these days and how easy they are to hide and hard to find! Did you know you can pinpoint your lost apple ipad or iphone to within 20 feet also these days??? Amazing technology! Just amazing!

Also, It might be hard to run if your car “broke down” on you! You might want to stay close to it and keep an eye on it so some crazy kids dont steal you tires or cut them or damage your fuel line etc! Those small town kids get bored you know and they are easily influenced by those internets! 😉

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