The Tillamook Locals are Getting Restless for Some Reason; Why have they suddenly hated the homeless people?

There doesn’t appear to be anywhere safe for me to park my gray Ford Focus in this city overnight without someone harrassing me now. It’s strange because my first impressions were very favorable before. Now a lot has soured. But it’s still not enough enough to convince me to leave just yet. Although, there are a couple $5 Gigwalk jobs south of here that I would like to use for gas money to travel to Lincoln City.

My biggest problem is that I love the long library hours and easy access to the internet in Tillamook. The cow poop smell has been clear for a few days now and the weather warmed up. it’s quite a delightful environment to experience. Could the people be getting more aggressive with homeless people because of the cow poop smell clearing? It’s hard to say at this point.


Tillamook, cow poop, Oregon, homeless, aggressive, child endangerment, exploitation, younow, Skysdaddy,


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