7 Reasons Why Northwest Oregon May Be an Actors Hot Spot

I have noticed several things about Oregon that are unique for media production: 

1. Lots of background acting jobs in the gigs section of Craigslist are available.

2. Twilight vampire movie was filmed in north central Oregon and no one stepped foot in Washington

3. Goonies, Kindergarten Cops and the, “I don’t give a damn” guy, Rhett Butler, all were active in Astoria, Oregon.

4. Astoria looks like a beautiful city to serve as a perfect backdrop for movies.

5. Northwest Oregon may seem to be quite isolated from the rest of the Nation and actors can work without getting bothered.

6. All the natural scenery in Oregon is beautiful and green year round. It would have done just as good for The Hobbit movies as New Zealand, but then fans would have camped outside the sets most likely.

7. I have seen for my own eyes people filming each other in more professional ways than friends using iPhones


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