Which is worse? Homeless people or Gasland Frackers?

I would go with the homeless people myself. They, or we, don’t create earthquakes, polluted water, polluted air, blow up entire cities with tanker truck accidents, blow spending money on hookers, or create a worse environment for future generations. A homeless person just exists and causes the least amount of destruction to the earth, yet are the most scorned group of people.

It’s amazing how earthquakes that destroy people’s lives are celebrated and little is done to stop them because people feel their lives will get better with more gasoline in their tanks. This is not true at all. These gas pumpers are completely out of balance with nature and scientists are finding previously unknown faults in the earth that Frackers are dislodging.

To scorn only homeless people telling them to get a job and turn around to praise the polluters of environments is very hypocritical. Everyone should be ashamed of themselves.

Gasland, oil pump, homeless, get a job, get rich, environment, pollution


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