We Went From Shocking Each Other Electrically in the 1800s & 1900s to Shocking Each Other Electronically in the 2000s

If the electrical therapy fascinating. People were shocking each other and calling it a health benefit. Eventually the FDA stepped in to shut down the claims, which opened up the door for drug therapy. The invention of the transistor gave us a new focus on the use of electricity. People became less likely to use electricity on each other and more as a means to create entertainment for each other instead.

I still think there is value in shock therapy, but only under the most extreme cases. Humans produce their own electricity and any other kind of electrical stimulation will be too much for a normally healthy person. It’s just like the electronic entertainment that we receive. Humans are naturally inquisitive in their own environments and can find ways to entertain themselves when needed. But, the introduction of electronics also is just a little too much for a normally healthy person.

After too much stimulation from electronics and electricity, we will go through metabolic changes. It’s like consuming sugar extracts. Our bodies go through particular changes that take our health out of balance. There is an overload of stimulus that changes our perspectives. Our organs take on different challenges that they are not accustomed to.

You see people changing their behaviors to adapt to their addictions. They can neglect things that usually are important for the progression of humankind getting ignored. All of the satisfaction comes from the electrical stimulation rather than from our own energies. This kind of behavior has been contributing to the rising healthcare costs. People are neglecting important factors of their health to pursue unhealthy electronic addictions.

People want to call themselves functional addicts. But to be functional isn’t about working as hard and fast as you can to get a job done swiftly. You don’t want to shock yourself silly because this can lead to weird mental disturbances. There is a need to address patience and discipline, which a lot of people in the electronic environment are ignoring. At least the people in the 1800s who shocked each other with cattle prods still knew how to tend to the land and grow their own food.

I applaud the Chinese for rejecting many of the values that the internet is taking away from us. The Chinese see right through the intentions of those who control the internet. It’s all about sales and marketing in the end. If you get a free service, then you are the product. That is what the internet has created an illusion around. They make us think we are getting so much free stuff, but instead, we are turned into the products.

In conclusion, the FDA should probably step in to stop the electronics production just like they put a stop to electric therapy. Take a lesson from the Chinese.


electrical therapy, electronics, internet addiction, metabolic syndrome, rising medical, medical costs, cheap rate, health insurance, free healthcare, Obamacare


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