Every time I see a Dedication Sign in Recognition for Donated Land

All I can wonder is how this owner acquired their land in the first place. Either they ran out the Indians through, war, disease, wild fires or trickery. Or the owners subverted the government free land contracts by hiring squatters to stake out land for themselves. Either way, the history of land acquisition was not honest or fairly traded to begin with. For us to believe that there are truly good people out there who granted us parks and building sites out of the goodness of their own hearts is a stretch of the imagination.

You see these signs all over the place. They mention a name like John Smith donated this land or Jane Meyers bestowed her land holdings for a park. Some messages even say that the previous land owner cared so much about preserving the richness of their property and that we should be thankful for these generous people. In my opinion, these people would never have given up their so called properties if they wouldn’t have died. Luckily, no one lives forever, or people would be squatting on what they consider their property indefinitely.

It’s so convenient that many of these pioneers could grab such pristine land. It’s not like they even had to go through a Real Estate agent as we do today. Grabbing land 150 years ago was about winning wars against the Indians.


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