Adding Too Many Friends on Hearthstone can Make Your Games Crash;

I found the limit on my ASUS Gingerbread from about 2011 to crash at almost 60 friends. My iPad 3 could still handle that number load, but there were times when it had a hiccup.

Removing all the friends will bring back speed to your slow touch pad smart screen. After I removed all 60 friends one by one, I tested my ASUS again and found that it stopped crashing. It still operated slow, but no more crashes at least.

I added random friends for fun. I wanted to know what everybody was doing. It was cool to be able to watch them play. In fact, the watch feature is so interactive that you can touch their cards and get a zoom in of the card description. I was a little surprised to see a few people also played World of Warcraft.

Out of the random 60 friends, 3 of them spoke Portuguese and it looked like they said they were from Brazil. I guess the Brazilians love this game too.

I think the friends list needs to have an option to be turned off. My laptop can handle it, but not my older ASUS. I was forced to just abandon my random friends so I could still play on the ASUS. I hope I didn’t offend anyone by dumping them.

The majority of my friends requests were accepted, like 95%. Some even watched me play, and some challenged me in duels, which I accepted readily. It was fun to play with strangers.

It may have been weird for some who were beaten by or defeated me, to, seconds later, receive a friends requests. I was angry at losing to some of these guys, but I didn’t let the anger stop me from friending them. I still wanted to look at the bigger picture of having more interactions with them and possibly learn from them as well. Perhaps my deck was bad.

A lot of them will insult you by telling you “well played” just before they hand you a crushing defeat. I don’t feel like I played well in those instances. That’s why they say that. They are being sarcastic about my play style. But I didn’t want that emotion getting in the way of sending a friends request.

Sometimes, sending a friends request felt like taking a last attack at the enemy, like letting them know that their beating me didn’t bother me. Or if I beat them, that I wanted them to know there were no hard feelings.

Either, it would be nice if Blizzard created a separate app for the friends list. The friends list that is built into the Hearthstone game will tax the memory, the larger the list grows and can crash older computers. Thank you.


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