15 Pictures of Rural Russian Life in Russia; Skyrim Without Dragons; High Definition Graphics

These pictures really make you think. There is nothing that looks modern in the tools used for this place. It’s almost like going back in time to the 1800s or 1900s. Imagine if we had color cameras then. These Russians look like they have been very successful with maintaining a sober household. That is not always easy and many family structures break down from mental illnesses. The photgrapher made a good find with willing participants for this photo shoot. I believe there are many other Russians who live similarly like this:


Russian life, rural life, 1800s, technology, small town, Kazakhstan, qostanaj, Eastern Europe, simple life, farm family, living standards, mushrooms, Tolstoy, Dachas, Skyrim, Putin, glory, alcoholism, crime, bed pillow, house cats, oven, tea, farm eggs, floor boards, cow


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