Younow 5:15pm Jan19: Nick Bean Needs to have a hot tub in his new apartment for his fans to chill in.

Nick Bean flight lands at 11am. He is discussing the apartment details and plans with Rudanc. When Nick Bean leaks his apartment address, he expects his fans to be there. He has a bath bomb.Rudanc takes a piss on the live cast and says, “hey at least I washed my hands.” Nicks phone just died and he says, there goes that. Nick is down with cuddling with his fans. Should he get his charger or just chill. He still has a bunch of posters on his wall. He is going to get his charger and we all can just chill while it charges. Mario doesn’t want to show his face. We should love God and Nick. He is so sick of not having a gf. Nick needs to see Kevin before he leaves. He hasn’t seen his mom in over a month. His parents are divorced. It’s tough to have divorced parents. He doesn’t feel like he knows who she is. Some people have way worse lives than Nick. He has it good, he has it great. He can do more rank calls.


bandicam 2015-01-19 17-19-44-428


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