Vlog Jan16: More Complaining about how My Heart or Chest Area Feels

I get some immediate but mild relief with Magnet Therapy. I placed a heavy magnet pack over my chest and 2 other ones on the inner portion of my wrists. There seems to be a bad imbalance with my health. I think the electrical activity is off a little bit. I want to sort things out as similarly as an Acupuncturist would. I really wish I knew more about Acupuncture so that I can better treat myself right now.

It’s amazing how badly doing enough wrong things can add up for our health. Doing one thing that harms the health can be absorbed and handled by the body. But adding other problems on top of that, including age, can be a little more overwhelming. I have to recognize that it’s impossible to always have perfect health too. Or at least it’s very rare to have perfect health all the time. That is why some people can live over 100 years old. They managed to not get overwhelmed by compounding health problems.

Jan16 2015 More chest area problems in Tillamook

I am very mobile and only get slightly more winded from exercise. When I say slightly, I mean very slightly. Even though my sleeping was struggled most of the night I feel rested. The second half of my sleep, I held magnets in my hands. They can target the heart Chi and stabilize it. All these health events I brought down on myself with poor choices, most likely.

Picked up Peppermint tea leaves and walking from Fred Meyers

Here I talk about my strategy to use Magnet Therapy for controlling my erratic heart beating problems. It’s been a while since I have been under this kind of physical stress. I always found it interesting when someone said that it can take a lot of energy to die. Our bodies naturally go into some kind of panic mode before it dies. I feel like I’m in this kind of panic mode, but I’m not quite convinced that I’m going to die yet. I should have a few more days of survival, by then I should like to be out of Tillamook to eliminate the air pollution problems.

Where to Place Magnets for Therapy

After making this video, I noticed that I had a slightly bloody nose. I think that all my erratic heart beating may have ruptured some blood vessels. I might have high blood pressure too which can also damage blood vessels. On top of that, I have weak muscles from lack of use.

The combination of gaming and illness may not help. I just sit in one spot stressing myself out without working the stress out. It has also taxed my health. I blame Hearthstone for being so much fun to play.


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