BVlog Jan15 2015: My Heart Struggles from Either a Lack of Herbal Teas or Air Pollution. Also, I’m a Racist Homeless Guy

I remember the Weather Channel app showing air stagnation problems for this area last year. I haven’t checked that app in a while. I usually go to the Yahoo Weather app because it loads faster. But, I think the Yahoo weather app may ignore the Warnings so that it can load faster. Not everybody cares as much about the flooding warning as they do if it’s going to rain or not. Some people may be smart enough to know that if it rais alot, it probably will flood, anyway.

It seems like these past 4 days, the mornings make my heart struggle and twitch more. I don’t like the feeling and it doesn’t seem right. But as noon time approaches, my heart gets back in order,and I don’t notice it anymore. Is there some kind of unique air pollution that forms at night and dissipates in the daylight? This is weird and confusing. My best remedy to know for sure is leave the area for a while. Usually that has helped in the past.

What has also helped is herbal therapy, which I have not been practicing enough of these past few weeks:

My heart may be struggling because of a lack of herbal teas

I like the taste of marjoram, but I have to wonder if it’s causing unusual side effects. Perhaps marjoram affects the heart adversely too. It seems like a lot of foods that are gentle on the stomach are, in turn, a little hard on the heart. There never seems to be anything that is both good for the heart and stomach equally. They are very different organs to attend to. In Chinese Medicine, the yellow foods feed the stomach and the red foods feed the heart:

Mix Marjoram in with Peanut Butter to Change Taste

How racist am I to only travel to white towns. Honestly, I think I am very racist. But more than that, I prefer cooler and darker climates in general. It just so happens that a lot of other white people also prefer dark, cool climates. The white ones who don’t like darkness get skin cancer and die. There is a very close association between species and climatic preferences. White people will not survive very well in the desert, and dark people will struggle in the colder northern regions.

But, as we are aware of the great “Ice Age”, these borders between cold and hot are not always clearly drawn out. If we are experiencing global warming, then that will drive more white people further north for relief and the dark people will enjoy more desirable weather for their own blood:

Racist Homeless Guy Speaks Openly About His Preferences


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