Make Your Life Tougher to make it Easier because making it easier can make it harder

You see all this great new technology that improves our lives by making our living standards easier to manage. But, we have gone too far with this ease of use strategy. Many people have grown dependent on tools and machines much more than is absolutely necessary. It has become a burden on our culture of health that contributes to the rising cost of healthcare.

The people who chose to ride in a vehicle instead of walking really bother me the most. It has gotten even worse now that gas is back down to $2.50 a gallon. This lack of activity and complete dependence on the technology to shuttle people around weighs heavily on their cardiovascular systems. Without enough movement, we get health problems that no longer make sense for having the technology we do have.

There was a British study comparing trolley drivers to bus drivers. The end result showed that the bus drivers were more likely to die prematurely. The extra minutes of sitting caused a stagnation in the blood supply that built up residuals within the bloodstream. The residue in our bodies usually gets released through active walking and exercise. But a bus driver is unable to maintain a good enough circulatory system while driving and suffers adverse effects.

The trolley driver, on the other hand is standing most of the time. He will need to fidget a little more, while standing and this helps move toxic buildup effectively enough.

There is another circulatory system in our bodies that relies entirely upon movement. It’s called the lymphatic system. A lot of technology to make our lives easier doesn’t factor in the need to address the lymphatic system. People are not doing enough to make their own lives more difficult so that they can effectively address their lymphatic problems. Sedentary lifestyles suffer the worst cases of lymphatic cancers, otherwise known as lymphoma.

The car culture of America doesn’t make exercise any easier either. I find it difficult to park my car even a few blocks away from a destination. There are so many tough parking laws that force us to follow a property rights system of parking. Many people may be too scared to challenge the parking laws so that they can get a little extra exercise.

Property rights protection makes people very paranoid and protective of not only their own land, but everything adjacent to it. If someone wants to go for a nice walk in a new area, they might find it difficult to park anywhere that is welcoming to strangers.

So, how can you make your life harder in the face of new sloth technology and property rights problems? It’s very much an uphill battle, when you can effectively find a nice hill to walk up without legal scorn by the property owners, that is.

Once when I was in San Diego, I parked down below from a tall hill. I spent an hour climbing it, but when I got back, there was a note on my car windshield telling me to never park in that area again because it’s private property. It’s these crazed propety owners who discourage rewarding exercise so that they can exercise their rights to be jerks. I don’t feel there is any glory in owning property. Nature owns the propety, not humans.

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