Blog/Vlog: Morning of January 13, 2015 in Tillamook, Oregon

I’m just slowly taking the time to figure out the new video upload options. I have 3 accounts on Vimeo, 1 account on Dailymotion and others.Many of the video upload websites only want the “highest quality” videos submitted because they feel that their traffic shouldn’t have to deal with bad videos.It’s true that I prefer many good video websites like myself from time to time.



blog, vlog, adrenal fatigue, hard waking up, slow morning, homeless, tillamook, Oregon, cold morning, keeping warm, Hearthstone, server maintenance, gaming addiction, obsession, progression, sore muscle, hurt tricep, fell down, falling injury, pain, weightlifting, pull up bar, park, slip and fall, culture, attention, weak muscles


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