Why does WordPress Allow Embedding of Vimeo but not Dailymotion? Because One is Blacklisted and the Other is not.

It’s easy to embed a Vimeo post by using the [ embed ] feature like so:

But when I copy and paste a link from Dailymotion for embed I get this:

Nothing there, huh? Apparently, WordPress has an internal white list that permits Vimeo, but blocks Dailymotion. It’s possible that Dailymotion did something to enrage WordPress, or maybe they just couldn’t reach a financial deal to agree upon. Most likely, this is a business venture that needs to be settled before WordPress will open up to other video websites.

It’s “super easy” to embed a video when WordPress allows the process to occur. Take Youtube, for example. I have no problems embedding from that video website. I bet Youtube must have paid some good money to allow the embedding to occur.

Dailymotion is considered a security risk to WordPress,


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