Gigbucks Takes a Shot at its own Freelancers with a Scathing Blog Post

Here is their blog post I got in my email today:

I am a little surprised at how cavalier Gigbucks is with their declaration. Usually, if a website wants to encourage people to keep coming back to it, they will only offer encouragement. However, Gigbucks has given a lot of discouragement possibly due to their own frustrations with how the website has been running.

I have an account with Gigbucks and only performed one task. However, the client wasn’t happy with my task and I told him to cancel it. Later, I got a strike from Gigbucks:

bandicam 2015-01-12 11-51-58-869


I was a little embarrassed as I thought I cancelled the order. Either way, the website is struggling and the people who may be trying to rely on it as their sole source of income are not doing too well and probably complaining a little bit more. Gigbucks responds by trying to humble its clients. I don’t think this will go over too well, but who knows. Maybe a reality check is needed for most of us.



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