Younow Stats 5:54pm Jan11 Pacific Standard Time; Who’s Famous This Hour?




I will be posting updates here:

 TRENDING PEOPLE: The numbers next to the names represent their viewers


You can see the numbers are steadily growing for Zach. fistpump has a surprisingly large numbers. Is he giving away even more stuff? Mr Cashier lost his foothold after his peak in numbers when ItsNickBean came to visit.

Even if these people say they don’t want to be recorded, why are they working so hard at trying to increase their viewership? They need people talking about and recognizing them if they want to increase their viewers.

TRENDING PEOPLE, BruhItsZach, fistpump643, ItsKyleStewart344, GordonTwins45, Nicholas Martinez, kmoon, IColinJenkinsx, Mr.Cashier, grant_schilling, HARTBEAT, TRENDING TAGS, #musicians, #dance, #guys, #girls, #bored, #ask_questions, #lgbt, #singing, #hartbeat, top trenders, hourly rate, who’s famous, celebrity, endorsement, Younow, bedroom broadcast, what are they doing,


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