It’s Amazing How People Want to Act Like Celebrities on the Internet and Whine About Privacy

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. All the Younow broadcasters are subjecting themselves to the same scorn as any other celebrities. They are creating mini-celebrity lives for themselves. If they are also children, then you can easily compare them to the child celebrities of earlier years. Think about any young underage celebrity on TV from the 80s. The Younow stars are putting themselves through the same kinds of attention but in smaller ways. Although, the minicelebrities tend to not be able to afford the same protections as the big celebrities with money.

Ashton Kutcher warned as many kids as he could not to pursue fame. He knows all too well of the problems that come as a result. He may not have gotten so badly assaulted by fans, but he certainly knows others who had crazy fans. It’s easier for a stalker to feel more involved in a mini-celebrities life than a big celebrity.

Most kids know too little about the results of getting famous. In fact, I don’t think they care to learn ahead of time what to expect. They see each case as unique and themselves as diferent from everybody else. So, they would rather learn by participation until things go bad, and they do 90% of the time. The risk is high, and maybe that is what interests them even more.

For people to lose interest in a pursuit, it needs to get stagnant and a little annoying as well. That is the ultimate consequence for kids to eventually experience.

How I kicked my Hearthstone Gaming Addiction



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