Younow Exploits Children According to Youtube; Maybe it’s Time Younow Takes a Lesson from Youtube.

Don’t ever go to Younow and spend much time browsing there, because you will then be considered a witness of child exploitation. It doesn’t take much time before an exploitation event takes place, so it is safer not to go to the website. Kids will challenge their safety, health, and welfare just to get some attention.

Younow is one of the most vulgar websites on the internet. It goes against any wholesome family entertainment. Youtube has clearly made a strong statement against the activities that carry on over at Younow. There is very little control over what goes on and Youtube wants nothing to do with it.

I have spent a few hours on the Younow website browsing at different hours of the day and what I have found is nothing but exploitative action. Every session that I witnessed, I made sure to also record and then upload to Youtube. However, even Youtube found the content to be so vagrant that they banned my channel. There has been nothing wholesome going on with Younow that Youtube cares to have on their website.

During the time between September 2013 to January 2015, I saw a little change in how the Younow moderators tried to control the kids with their exploitative actions. One such method was to continue removing all forms of the hashtag “#twerk”. In my September videos, you could see #twerk being used a lot. Then moderators started banning the chat for asking kids to twerk. Then, after #twerk got banned, different versions like #—twerk started to show. Eventually, those variations got removed as options too. You mostly see #dance today as the alternate.

On another note, when I signed up in about September, I tried to use “Acumagnet” as my name, but was given a warning that it had “cum” in it and was not allowed. So, I changed my name to “Acu-Magnet instead and that worked.

Younow will try to manage child exploitation, but it can’t nor won’t remove it. The medium is too free and open for use. Just to mention again, I got banned from Youtube, but also, Younow suspended my account as well. However, even though both my accounts are suspended, I am still able to watch people on both Youtube and Younow. I am just prevented from participating on the websites anymore.

My behavior may be banned from the websites. But I just wanted to make the activities going on to be more presentable for other people who were not quite as familiar with it. Perhaps, it was a mistake to record these kids doing terrible things. But it still goes on with very little regulation. Where are the parents in all of this? They seem to leave the babysitting up to the chatroom, and you can imagine the kind of people who are watching in the chat room.

I wanted to give a different perspective for the broadcasters to see the kind of people they are entertaining in the chatroom. I was told that I was scaring people for recording broadcasters. All I was doing was sitting in a library and recording the activities. Imagine what other people are doing in their own homes, in other countries.


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