How to Prevent People From Monetizing Your Videos on Youtube

I have been making a few pennies here and there from Monetizing videos that I record off of Younow. My best video that got the most views so far was the reaction of this one:

People want to watch other people and Younow has been a great medium. Unfortunately, Younow only saves your last broadcast for some reason. So, it takes a little effort to submit the recording to Youtube as well. So people don’t bother saving anything to Youtube and that could be for various reasons such as, slow upload speeds, don’t like Youtube, or maybe they don’t get the same satisfaction uploading videos to Youtube as they do broadcasting on Younow.

Anyway, long story short. If you play copyrighted music, then Youtube will hear that as you process it and you will get a strike against you. I am unable to listen to broadcasts for any significant length of time when music is playing that is copyrighted. Even the prebeats that have no words are copyrighted. Anything musical has to be their own. But, I will have to share copyright the broadcaster. This happened with SoundsLikeHarmoney for one video. He offers a share in the profits for his tune, which is interesting.

But I try to circumvent the music first before trying to figure out who is willing to make a deal.


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