What is the Difference Between a Magcon Tour and a DigiTour?

According to Wikipedia a Digitour is a live event to showcase the popular stars from Youtube, Vine, Twitter, Instagram and all the popular major social media personalities. The event may take place on a stage and the size of the theater depends on who shows up.

The Magcon Tour is so new that Wikipedia hasn’t even given it any recognition yet as of my checking. The Magcon tour seems to target a younger teen crowd. There is the main website www.magcontour.com promoting what they do.

A lot of people seem to get these two different tours confused. I was listening to the PressPlay guy on Younow mention that what he is doing is not a DigiTour. Instead, he is trying to appeal to the young girls and bringing the popular guys to them for a meet and greet. Apparently these meet and greets can be profitable enough in certain areas to be carried out.

He also went on to say that he was not going to Kansas or Texas. There aren’t enough fans available to fund a trip. So, these tours for certain people can be quite limited.

I think it would be very possible to blend a Magcon and Digitour together. It’s not like they are exclusive from each other. To make a big deal about how they are so difference from each other is more about a branding issue than anything. They could make a DigiMag Tour. Variety is usually very welcome for entertainment venues.

Wouldn’t it be funny if someone was expecting a Magcon tour but ended up at a Digitour instead and got really upset about it? I could see Saturday Night Live making a skit about something like that.

Here is a Younow video that Youtube removed for child exploitation reasons:


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