Chinese Love to Silently Hack and Germans Love to Loudly Dominate Social Media

Have you ever heard of a Chinese person famous on social media? Have you heard of a German Hacker? Besides Kim Dotcom (he doesn’t count, besides that he got famous because he wanted to get famous) I didn’t think so. That is a huge difference between the 2 cultures and species of humans. Germans love to go public about everything. I should know, I’m part German myself. But, the Chinese practice the art of secrecy and subterfuge for fun. I studied the Chinese culture in college.

When you think of China you probably think of the Pandas from Pandaria in the World of Warcraft game. They seek quiet discipline and balance. Or if you broaden your perception of Asians, you might think of Ninja trolls who strike and retreat without detection. The Germans somehow are not capable of being silent. That is why they are famous for the word, “Blitzkrieg” or blitz for short.

The reason I bring up the differences between Chinese and Germans is from my own experiences and perceptions on the internet. I will keep it simple for a moment: I hear in the news a lot of Chinese Hackers at least once per month. I have never heard of a German hacker yet. In turn, I see that Germans are working very hard at trying to control the social media outlets, particularly: Younow.

It seems that ever since the Germans won the World Cup, they have been riding this wave in their social media ventures. They are advertising how great Germany is. They try to make their country as inviting to live as they can. You see them piggybacking their #deutsch on Younow every day. They speak only German and ask that everyone else speak their language too. They are being very loud in the social media world and a little obnoxious as well. The reason I say they are obnoxious is because they don’t know their limits and keep pushing the limits further.

I think Germany is great. But they have a terrible history of destruction. Their language is not one of romance like French or Spanish. They will argue and be piggish without much effort, because it is built into their nature. Since the Roman records, they have lived like Barbarians, only now they are barbarians with very advanced technology. They showed the world what they could do with their advanced barbarianism too.

German news sources are talking about a current immigration problem. I think they have been a little too loud about how great their country is with the free medical and education. That is a problem with the culture. It is very inviting, but then explosively violent. They are open to all kinds of new and different ideas, but when they lose political control for being too open-minded, they will get loud outspoken representatives to emerge and drive the unwanted people out in another blitzkrieg. It happened during Roman times and about 2 or 3 times each century. I should know because my ancestors came over during the Farm Movement of the 1860s -which was another political exodus out of Germany. You either stay and fight and possibly die, or leave for somewhere more peaceful.


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