Grocery Stores Need to Stop Serving Alcohol through Taps and Fix Their Health Sections

Grocery stores have drastically changed over the past 100 years, going from a general merchandise and grain store to drug box store. They get most of their sales through drug extracts, which include processed foods and alcohol. The healthy food comes as a secondary option for profit-making. They probably just barely break even on the natural food and profit the most through more addictive chemical extract added processed foods.

The majority of beers sold in grocery stores also have corn syrup added. The alcohol is not that much different from sugar. The only single difference is in the molecule when it changes through the efforts of yeast fermentation. That molecule makes the difference between getting dizzy in the brain or not. The same kind of excesses are involved between sugar extract consumption and alcohol consumption.

Have you ever tried to brew your own beer. I have. I quit doing it after the second batch. I was quickly getting fat. When I opened up the can of molasses for beer making, all I could think was it looks and tastes very similar to corn syrup. The process of making alcohol is adding yeast to sugar extracts. For the grocery stores to already sell alcohol has made it a flawed system. The grocery store is already enough of a candy store as it is.

Most grocery stores sell 80% of their foods with sugar added. This is what is causing terrible obesity problems in America. We are watching peoples bodies expand, suffer terrible health conditions, and die at premature ages. This is not good the US. The privately held and publicly held grocery stores are to blame. They are greedy for profits. The issue of trying to build open taps in grocery stores is only because they see more profits to be gained for the shareholders of the company. They are exploiting human addiction when many alcoholics are begging for help because they are addicted.

The only kind of grocery store that really cares about the people are the cooperative stores that are categorized as nonprofit. They don’t need to exploit human addiction.

Stop yielding to the for-profit stores for the health of the Nation.

City Councils will like the extra profits that serving alcohol in a grocery store can bring. But, alcoholism can tie up their police force even more from accidents which can make it a risk that is not worth taking.


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