Christmas is Officially Over as the Advertisement Dollars Drop on Youtube

I notice a major drop in advertisement dollars on Jan5. The drop started about Jan3 and will continue to decline to more normal levels. I bet all the Youtubers are upset at watching the good times come to an end. They just have to wait until next year when it will pick up again. This time of year is slow overall. It is a time for reflection and giving thanks to what you have.

I remember when I answered the phone for Toys R Us and how hectic it was through Christmas. Then about this time of year, they let 90% of the phone agents go. The service work had come to an end and people had to go back to making nothing or much less money again.

You really have to plan for these extra slow times. You need to save your money to help smooth out the ups and downs with the advertisement dollars and general spending habits. It’s exciting, but it doesn’t last forever.

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