Hearthstone Has Me Addicted. I could play all day if I wasn’t homeless. Too bad being homeless wasn’t a fun game.

Part of the reason that I spiraled so readily into homelessness was by my addiction to World of Warcraft from 2010 to 2012. I played 12 hour days regularly and ignored every other part of life -even my own health. I was playing with an excited high of gaining strength and experience. I felt excited to interact with the environment in a way that made me feel in great control of it.

These days, people have lost control of their lives due to the increased population and environmental concerns. But video games help bring a renewed sense of control into our beings. It’s not quite the same kind of control that pioneers got to experience and enjoy, but graphics and game engines are getting more lifelike.

If you think about it, our society was freefalling into chaos. We could have been facing another world war, but instead, thanks to video games we feel satisfied by waging war with the blinks and beeps coming from transistors. I can feel like I killed things without having to shed the blood from any other animal. That is a huge victory in controlling populations. Governments never had a greater ally in their dealings against the masses.

People talk about boring life was like after the Cold War ended in the 1980s and 1990s. But then life took on a new meaning when the internet became mainstream. Computers showed us how to access our pleasure zones more readily the effortless touches of buttons. As laws grew more stifling through the 1980s and 1990s, the computers offered a generous relief from government oppression

Consider what life was like 100 years ago. People lived with many fewer laws. I saw pictures of my grandpa in the 1950s among his many trapped rabbits and other small animals. He had no limits to how many animals he could catch. That same feel can be found in games today, but it was certainly enjoyed back during the pioneer days.

There was a time when gunmen could ride on a train and shoot buffalo through the window. They got to enjoy a lot of pleasure in shooting at moving objects while on the move themselves. Murders were not documented very well, so there probably were many psychotic people well before the ones we were able to start recording. All it takes is the right bump on the head sometimes to turn someone into a murderer.

Regulating access to violence through video games can be a good step in helping us learn about how fragile life really is. I don’t feel that the games are realistic enough still. The games still don’t show enough detail in death. We need to see the full gore in every step of the way to really put pictures in our mind of what to expect in the death of a toon. So, as the game have room to improve and show they can improve, I will keep coming back to look.

I can’t afford to pay for new games like a lot of people. I am much more worried about eating my meal rather than playing my next game. Being older makes it a little easier to forego playing games. But I do have this weird sense of motivation to want to money to get back in the games I used to love. I think about how good I felt when I was playing. Nothing else mattered.

But then, I turn around and think about what can happen if I did fall back into my old gaming habits. Can I really be strong enough to pull away and do normal things that life requires, like grow food or pay bills? I have decided to try and take a new approach with gaming and try to record everything. It takes a little bit more work to videofy the game I played, but I want to feel like my gaming time is not wasted. I want to record all my gaming time and put it on Youtube. At least that will feel more rewarding than just playing the game.

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One thought on “Hearthstone Has Me Addicted. I could play all day if I wasn’t homeless. Too bad being homeless wasn’t a fun game.

  1. I’ve found I don’t have any time for games. I love them, I just spend so much time working that they don’t happen. I guess I need to learn from your post, and be glad they haven’t forced me into homelessness. Hope everything turns out well for you.

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