“The Interview” reported over $15 million profit so far, but it should be less than that

The reason I think this movie should be a lot less profitable, or at least grateful that they even made $15 million back from a $100 project is because they disabled comments. No one can share their thoughts about the movie through their Google+ accounts.

Even if the comment section tends to get a lot of trolls, so what? Their comments will get buried fast, deep and hard by everyone else’s comments for a movie that has gotten so much fanfare. But it’s too bad that no one gets the opportunity to say anything all because the movie producers are walking on eggshells.

Sony didn’t show much courage by sending the movie to Youtube and disabling comments. Commenting is our American freedom of speech. But the only freedom of speech that Sony cares about is their own. They are truly reflecting the Asian culture of suppressing free conversation.

Any Youtube show that disables comments always gets a big thumbs down from me. But if they also disable the thumbs, then I get really angry. It’s ridiculous that these people think that we come just to watch your video. Are you so sensitive that you can’t take a little criticism? You shouldn’t even be posting any videos if you are too sensitive to the ratings and comment sections

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