What is the Best Cold Weather Diet?

I think that sticking with the foods that naturally heat the body is best. I also find that cooked foods help heat the body as well.

We are told that inflammation is bad for us, but I think that is mostly the case in the summer time. The heating of tissue is really annoying when you are already hot. But, in the winter, a little inflammation can help bring relief from the cold chills. I love to consume foods that are a little inflaming, such as pork.

The cooling foods have no place for me in the winter time. Foods like watermelon or coconut do not help take care of the chills, They make it more of a struggle to warm up. Even hydrating the body too much with cold water is very hard to deal with. I tried eating snow for moisture in zero degrees and the effort was futile because even though I was hydrating myself, I was getting even colder in turn and felt worse because of the effort.

Heat is the main defense against most illnesses. So, in turn, feeling cold is a kind of sickness in itself. Although, overheating is a sort of sickness as well, it just so happens that most infections do not involve overheating.

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