Police Seem More Aggressive Along the Pacific Coast

I can’t help but notice how much more aggressive the police have been with me when I visit libraries along the Pacific Coast.Most of the harrassment I experienced has been nearest the coast. I generally don’t do anything much different either. My habits remain the same with using the WiFi at my leisure in each city. I think the people who own property on the Pacific Coast are angrier at poor people.

It’s not so much that the coast attracts meaner cops, as much as the citizens hire actively look for them. The cops generally have to balance making the public that they harass still feel good, and also pleasing the City Council that decides the cops pay. It’s a balance that is more heavily leaning towards aggression along the coast. The rich people may tend to pay more in property tax and demand more poor people live in fear of police harassment. The thinking may be that if you don’t like the police giving you a hard time, then get off the ocean and move in more inland where it’s safer to live.

There is a lot of privilege that comes with being next to the ocean. As threatening and destructive as the ocean can get, people will still pay a premium to live as close as they can to it. Unfortunately, some cities have been completely wiped out by their greed with living too close to the ocean, such as Bayocean, Oregon.

The worst city I have been to for police harassment so far has been Seaside, Oregon. They are very aggressive towards the people. They are the only cops I am aware of who wear body cameras currently. They seemed to be early adopters of cameras. Is the crime worse along the coast in Seaside. If you read the laws they have in the city, there are a lot more written crimes to break. The most ridiculous crime they have is sleeping outside of a house or motel.

It’s not like the ocean attracts more criminals. It’s not like the city is trying to protect the people from the ocean. There are people who are willing to take risks to sleep along the shore and potentially get dragged out to sea. Adults are willing to take the chance of risking a sneaker wave while they sleep. I don’t see a problem with people taking that risk.

We can legalize marijuana, but we can’t legalize sleeping on the ocean. The reason certain things get legalized is because of profits. The rich people will not permit people to do something out of spite when there doesn’t appear to be anything to profit from the venture. I think this profit model is a horrible way to negotiate with the public, and Seaside is the worst at it that I have ever seen so far.

But, I haven’t ventured further south yet. I’m sure more cities could be just as bad if not worse. I am waiting for a cop to pull their gun on me next. That would put any city above Seaside, Oregon.


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