Most Overweight People Speak English

Maybe it’s the language that is making making people fat. You see it in English ads time and time again where they encourage other people to eat sugar extract products liberally. The English are encouraged to keep eating the sugar and continue to eat it themselves.

The English speakers have a whole support group system where they show encouragement for each other to keep getting fatter. They incorporate sensitivity training into their language at all levels. The English speakers can’t call each other fat without receiving social defensiveness. The politics of getting and being fat is strongly in place.

The English speaking politicians will dance around the obesity issue like it doesn’t even exist as a problem. There are all kinds of English speaking elephants in the room, but as English speakers, we are trained through our language to talk like they are really healthy individuals and that they are normal.

There is a good chance that other languages do not support obesity as much as English speaking people do. Other languages may call a cow what it is, instead of use special language to make it sound more obscure. It just doesn’t make sense that everyone on the planet would have the same mindset as English speakers do.

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