Food Manufacturers Have Ignored Micronutrients for Too Long

All these extracts that are reintroduced has gone too far. I think it is painfully obvious that man cannot recreate the perfect food by his own hand or process. He has extracted the simplest of nutrients and thrown away other important more complicated nutrients in the pursuit of profit.

Just because the Phytochemical is so misunderstood doesn’t mean that food manufacturers have the right to ignore them. These micronutrients compliment all the other vitamin extracts. Man has been perplexed why we aren’t absorbing their vitamin c tablets as readily as we used to. Or why can’t we seem to absorb Vitamin b12 like we did as children. Some of the blame goes onto aging but not all the blame.

People are confused by vitamins. They think the vitamins are a healthy part of our diet. But in the form of an extracted drug, the vitamin is just an unhealthy obsession. These vitamin extract pills are drugs. They have side effects that risk our lives. These vitamin drugs are not digestible by themselves.

Imagine a guy in a dark alley way trying to sell you the best vitamin pill on the planet and he shows you an apple. Because vitamin c or ascorbic acid is not healthy by itself. There are also micronutrients that also help us digest and absorb the C. Extract vitamin c and turning it into a pill form simply renders it into an unhealthy drug that will make you feel an effect early on. But you need to eat even more pills to get the same effect as before. Then you are hooked. Luckily the drug effect of vitamins are somewhat regulated so you don’t always feel high.

I consumed potassium pills for a couple weeks. The first one hit me pretty hard and I was feeling very strong for s while. I now realize that I was influenced by the vitamin drug.

If we want to get realistic about what a drug is, we have to open up the definition to it being any extracted compound, whether in liquid form or solid that is sold for commercial purposes. We have gone too far with our misunderstandings about nutrition and what these extracts truly are.

People want to divert our attention to GMO, but that isn’t nearly as much of a problem as the extracts being injected into elements of food and being called nutritious.

Food elements, nutrition, phytochemicals, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, healthy diet, whole food, carrots, sugar extracts, diabetes, metabolic syndrome


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