Obese People are the Real Cause for Expensive Healthcare

“Getting obese employees to normal weight, or even overweight, would save employers an average of 9% of the money they spend on health care.”

These obese people need to be shamed more. Being fat is not a sensitivity issue. It’s not an issue of eating too much. It’s a drug addiction problem that is profiting food manufacturers on a major scale. The fatties don’t need more access to doctors, especially because it’s not the doctors job to tell people they are too fat. Instead, the rotund need interventions for their drug addictions.

People suffering from their drug problems need to have a turning point to make them realize they are heading down a dangerous path. Unfortunately, sugar extracts have been a very easy drug to keep people from experiencing their turning point. Sugar extracts have probably been one of the most pervasive drugs ever to hit American Society.

Historically, Americans have gone from one drug to the next through the 1900s. Our whole psychology has drastically changed over a few generations. I believe the Baby Boomers started the drug abuse trend, because many of their parents never reported any drug problems that I have ever heard.

The Baby Boomers started getting supplied large amounts of drugs from the extraction factories and encouraged that feeling good is more important than anything else in life. That feeling good had a cost, which was easy to absorb into the healthcare system early on. But as more people sought personal pleasure, the medical community had to push back a little bit by raising prices and demanding their patients do more for themselves to improve their own health.

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