Countryballs is Really Getting Out of Hand When Sewing Projects Get Upvoted on 9Gag, related to the theme

Over the past 4 months or so, I started to notice a lot of these Country balls getting upvoted on 9Gag. Some are funny, but most are just bizarre. Here is there history:

I looked at this German 4chan website and it looks a little nicer to navigate than the American 4chan. The problem is that I can’t read German, and that is what the whole website is composed of.


NOTE: I just typed in “countryballs” on eBay with only 2 results. You know that this is going to take off as a theme like Minecraft did. If you are a toy manufacturer, I think that making stuffed countryball pillows and toys can be a money maker.

countryballs, Polandballs, making fun of, learn history, taunt, insult, rivalries, plane crash, dead president, take my money, sell these, hobby, Ball Pattern, sewing machine, shipping, Turkeyball, Soviet Union, Netherlands, Germany, France, USA, big balls


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