Chopping Down Trees and Chopping up Animals Go Hand in Hand

This is a great pic that can really make you think. All the timber that is being cut down is certainly affecting the wildlife in negative ways. What do we gain from chopping down 300 year old trees? We get a 50 to 75 year old house, depending on where it is built.

What bothers me is that all the minerals have already been mined from the surface of these forests. Those precious minerals that we took and hoarded into vaults and made into wires and electronics were being used by the forests. There used to be hillsides covered with copper. Imagine the pictures you could have taken of the sights that were in the forest before man started harvesting from it. They would have been majestic photos.

The land looks a lot different now after all the mining operations. But what we are most reacting to is the cutting down of trees. Since trees symbolize more life than precious minerals, they get the attention. But what helps life prosper is an equal distribution of precious minerals too. Humans are hoarding minerals that help promote life on a scale that is unprecedented.

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