I’m White and I Have Less Wealth than a Hispanic, Let Alone a Black Person

This is not my choice either. I have been beaten down many times and shamed by my own white counterparts. I don’t understand how they make such a big deal about which race has more money, because whites will disempower their own race to get themselves ahead. This war is simply between the individualists vs the clans. White people tend not to stick together very effectively, whereas the darker skinned races tend to stick together much better.

Whites claw and scratch each other to get to the top of the racial food chain, then turn around and kick their competitors down the ladder. They will further pay the police extra money to prevent other from climbing any ladder to success. It doesn’t matter what race you are. The wealthy whites will kick anyone who is down. They are very cruel to their own kind.

I try playing the white mans game by their rules, but all it gets me is further broke. I cannot pay for anything. My savings is my emergency fund and it is in the triple digits. All I can do is watch other white people enjoy spending all their money on frivolous things. If you are jealous of all these things that the rich whites can afford, I would advise not to be. They buy a lot of stupid things just to show off to each other. It’s like they are gathering prizes to brag about and rub in poorer peoples faces. But if you don’t let it bother you, then they won’t get to you.

I live in fear of a terrible expensive accident to happen every day. I find myself walking on egg shells every day. I have to move around alot to avoid police detection as much as possible. I have been harassed by the police for being homeless on several occassions:


I don’t feel that it would have made a difference if I was black or not. The police hate me for being poor. They will hate anybody who has no money. They are trained to hate the poor people no matter what race you are. The police are paid by the city council and if there isn’t enough taxes coming in, then the City Council will tell the Chief of Police to shake the poor down even harder.

All City Councils want to attract rich people. But if poor people are out lying around the city relaxing, then the poor will see that as a sign of a bad city to live and will tell their friends not to spend their money in that city. The cops have to get paid through the taxes. They don’t want to take any pay cuts. They only want to see raises in their paychecks. The best way to see raises approved by the City Council is to knock around the poor homeless people to keep them moving and appearing to be productive in some way.

It doesn’t matter if you are black or white when we are all poor.


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