I am 24 Pounds Heavier Today Than I Would be in 1960 at the Same Age

So, I will be 39 in a couple weeks. I probably weigh about 230 pounds. There is a really good chance that my weight would have been about 200 pounds in 1960. What would have made the difference in my weight? Well, once again, I point my finger at sugar extracts. When 80% of the foods have added sugar for no good reason, I am left with having to comprimise from time to time and actually consume that particular food with the added sugar. Because the added sugar tastes so good, i eat more of the food than I normally do in a very unnatural way.

My habits of overeating the sugar extracts goes back to childhood. I was one of the early obese kids who was raised by a severely obese mom. I am ashamed to look at pics of myself as a young child because i had such a distented stomach and very fleshy appearance. I know that I was suffering from the sugar extracts now, but I had no idea then. All that food that my mom insisted I eat was really destroying my health and future. She must not have known either, but the difference also seems to be that she just didn’t care about gaining the disgusting weight either.

Either way, I was slow to develop, looked terribly soft for a child and fell behind many other kids my same age. This was all to aid Warren Buffet and his Coca Cola cronies in their pursuits for bigger profits. They certainly won the money race by creating a very sweet tasting Nation of addicts. We would have been better off keeping cocaine legal. The sugar extract drug has been a bigger scourge on our culture than cocaine.

Because of all the terrible side effects from our sugar addictions, America has lost its foothold as a world leader. We are easier to knock down and it’s harder for us to get back up since we are 24 pounds heavier:


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