Overweight, Unattractive Females Usually Have to Pick Up the Slack of Unmotivated Males

I always find myself gravitating towards attractive and fit women. My motivation goes up and it’s like enjoying a renewed sense of vigor. However, there has been a terrible decline of slender, healthy women who have been replaced by overweight, and unattractive ones over the past 30 years. They generally make me want to leave the areas they inhabit. However, with their growing trends particularly in the 50% range, it has become very hard to avoid overweight women in the US.

My grandma said that if I don’t like looking at overweight women, then don’t look. Ok, I’m trying to follow her advice as best as I can, but their numbers are phenomenal. To try and avoid half the population of American people is very tough. I bet some people have gotten wise and finally left the country in the form of a “Fit Flight”.

We all know the “White Flight” in the racial category, but there could be other kinds of flights as well, such as the religious ones, sexist ones, gentrification, age, natural disaster, practically anything. I am most concerned about the health of populations.

After reading the reports and seeing the images of how fat the South is, I plan to avoid it. But in Washington and Oregon, especially Wisconsin too, there are a tremendous amount of fat people. It’s hard to get away from. The mass produced foods and franchise grocery stores have taken over the country and created addicts out of the majority of the population. It really seems like very few people have the willpower to overcome the draw of the legal drug -sugar.

Getting back to my lack of motivation though. I feel bad for the obese people and they generally feel bad about themselves. It’s a whole system of shame that has grown among our sugar-addicted neighbors. People act in very different ways with this addiction problem.

People may have thought alcoholism was a bad addiction, but the unfermented alcohol extracts (sugar) became even worse. There were strong advocates back in the 1920s who were successful in Prohibition against alcohol. That’s exactly the kind of social movement we need to see happening with the sugar extract (HFCS) problem as well. We need to perform this kind of social experiment with sugar like they did with alcohol.

Yes, society seemed to have broken down a little bit with Prohibition in the 1900s. But if you ever study AODA, that is exactly what happens when you try to cure an addiction. The family tends to break down. It has to break down. It was supported and supporting the addiction for so long that when the addict goes sober, their attitude changes and they go through nasty withdrawals.

American society is a couple generations into our sugar addictions. It’s in 80% of the grocery store foods. The sugar industry has a very strong grip on culture. They even successfully fought to add alcohol sections into grocery stores to further their profits. There was a time when groceries and beer were separate from each other. But that changed effectively as lobbyists assured everyone that it’s ok to make the addictive chemicals easier to access for kids.

If people think they know when the next crash is going to happen, then that won’t really be a crash. A true societal crash is the type that no one seen coming. No one predicted it, we were all looking the other way at potential crashes that seemed a little more obvious like the student loan problems.

Anyway, people are fat because of bad food manufacturing policies. I don’t want to blame the addicts because it’s hard for them to help themselves in the face of all these terrible policies that encourage bad behavior with the processed food market.


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