A Horse Will Not Come When You Call it

I went to the Tillamook Food Bank the other day and talked to a young 19 year old horse trainer. He was required to guide me around the food area. After I got my free food, he started to ask me if I knew about his Mormon religion. I said that I have talked with other Mormon teens in the past. They run up and down the streets of every city in the US every day. I never seen such religious enthusiasm before.

He said that he paid his way into the Mormon training by wrangling wild horses. He has a lot of experience with them and made some good money doing it. He is a tall guy and slender -the perfect build for that kind of activity. Not everyone can handle the horse. He was interesting to talk to, even as a teen, because he has engaged in a lifestyle that I am not accustomed to. I sometimes like to think of my bicycle as a horse, but that is very different from the actual experience.

His thoughts about his profession and the unruly nature of his interactions with horses help paint me a picture as to why they were banned from the city. These animals don’t rely on humans for food and they won’t come when you call them. Pastures are where their food is, not our human hands. No matter what we grow or construct for the horse, they are still not easy to convince that they need us.

Humans want more affection than what the plant eaters can give us. That is why the dogs and cats are among the largest animals allowed to remain in the cities across the Nation. They tend to come when called and are very dependent upon humans for food. We see pics on Google about starving dogs being nursed back to health. But that would not happen with a herbivore, like a goat.

Because we paved so many streets and spread dangerous chemicals in our yard, the herbivores tended to have reduced lifespans. This is very unfortunate. How could we treat the herbivores with such disrespect. The crazy cat ladies and dog lovers don’t know what to do with themselves when it comes to an herbivore. I always hated that question of whether you are a cat lover or dog lover? Like we only have the choice between one meat eater or the other.

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