Regional Climate Determines Your Character, not Your Racial Makeup

“Bodin in 1577 and Montesquieu in 1748 both hypothesized that the geographical location, or the climate of a region in which a nation lived determined it’s national character. The men of the north tend to be vigorous, but not very intelligent, whilst proceeding southward, men became cleverer, but more feeble. Mankind could not avoid these things, for they were external determinations laid down by the environment.”

I look at my limitations with climate as my weakness. I tend to handle the dark and cooler days much better than the hot and sunny days. In the winter time, I am able to descend down into the Southern areas with more enthusiasm. When the summer returns, I find myself driven back into the northern regions to seek comfort away from the extra heat.

When I listened to the Hardcore History podcast about the Romans and how they dealt with Germanic tribes, I felt like I could strongly relate to the Germans. In the winter times, the Germans would strip naked, then slide down a mountain on their shields into battle. They showed the Romans that they weren’t affected by the cold temperatures. But, in the Summer heat, during battle, the Romans described the Germans as easier to defeat. They breathed heavier, their flesh looked redder and hotter, they sweated more.

Different seasons within a climate also affect us. Some races are naturally more capable of handling the conditions than others. This is why I feel the darker skinned races are growing in larger numbers in the South. The dark skin Indians tended to thrive in the South before it became a U.S. nation and settled by Europeans.

I have seen many pics about white or albino animals that are born with no melatonin. In one 9Gag post, one guy suggested that crows produce more albino crows than we think. However, they suggest that the albino crow tends to be killed by its mother or picked on by its friends and isolated. I think an albino crow doesn’t fair well in the southern, or more equatorial areas anyways.

When the climate changes, in the winter, more white people can comfortably travel to their tropical destinations. It’s darker and cooler generally. If you are a white person, you have built in limitations for how much you are able to effectively keep your cooler in the summer time.

If you study Chinese Face Reading, you learn that certain features perform better and with more vitality in certain seasons. For example, redheads are naturally fiery people already. But in the summer time, their natural fire is in peril against the already naturally warm climate. The redhead will have more of a challenge to endure trying to keep cool.

I would never advise anyone with red hair and light skin to live in southern regions like Texas or Florida. They will have a terrible quality of life. I’m surprised that so many Irish moved to Texas. The invention of air conditioning may help them deal with all that southern heat, but modern technology still can’t create the most ideal living conditions for us. If we have to stay indoors all the time to escape a climate we don’t fair well in doesn’t sound like an enjoyable experience.

My perspective is limited to the climates I am most familiar with. From what I have learned is that I get in a lot of bad moods in the summer time. I feel awful getting pounded on by the sun. It’s not exactly the difference between night and day either. No matter what time of the year it is, I still want to sleep at night and be awake in the daytime. Even if the day in 90 degrees in an area, I still want to naturally be awake in the sun.

You would think my body should adjust to hot summer days by shutting down during the day and being active only at night. But there is something in the circadian rhythm that prevents this.

Just like a retired snow bird, I am drawn to the southern regions in the winter time. It feels good to advance further and further south and feel it getting warmer. My observations are unscientific, but I find that for every 60 miles I travel south, I get about 1 degree warmer on each average day.

But when the summer returns, I want to run and escape it’s terrible grasp by retreating back north to escape it. I wish there was no border between the U.S. And Canada. I know that I could easily extend further north and be very comfortable in the summer. I never made it to Canada. I only got as north as Blaine, Washington which is right on the border.

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