My Mom Used to Ramble Incoherently Frequently Enough That I Grew Used to it

If we ever tried to have a general discussion, she would jump from one topic to the next without any segue-way. It’s as if her parents (my grandparents) never read to her as a child. I don’t think she grasped the aspect of a story or narrative. She certainly never read any books when I was around. Although, she did watch a lot of TV and movies.

TV and movies can cause the watcher to develop a very short attention span. They get trained to not stick through one particular topic for very long. It’s an unfortunate problem to suffer from. The people whom you do interact with have trouble following what is going on in your mind and you suffer because you don’t know why they don’t understand you.

I think stories need to be read and acted out by one person. By jumping around from one person to the next and each trying to get their line in quickly can distract from a good story. I read a terrible book where the author had to describe everything in each room his hero entered. It was too distracting in itself. We don’t always need to know what everyone is saying and what everything looks like. These things get too distracting and cause people to lose their sense of focus, which can feel very nonsensical to experience.

Rambling problems are a psychological disorder. Although it can be entertaining for the listener, it can be very frustrating too. People who bounce from one subject to the next never really are able to make a sober decision. Since they have a lot of trouble focusing, they just sort of flail around all day without any sense of purpose.

But many times, the person suffering from their manic disorders may not even realize how bad it is until they come into contact with someone else like them. It’s probably best to get manic people together, supervised, to learn about themselves better. Maybe that isn’t a long term solution, but awareness is definitely the first step. I was made aware early on the kind of psychological disorder that I have inherited biologically. Although, even with my awareness it has taken a long time to break free from the problem. In some ways, I enjoy it at times.

I think the 2 best solutions for manic thoughts are Magnet Therapy and not consuming any extracts, especially sugar extracts. Mania, to me, seems to be a problem with losing touch with nature. Predators usually effectively kill the ones that suffer mania because they don’t act in the right way to save themselves properly enough from danger.

Anyway, I just wanted to present this video as the goal for this writing, so here it is:

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