Magnet Therapy Cures Many Types of Pain That You Can Test Yourself

Burn your mouth with cayenne pepper, then apply strong magnets to the area for surprising relief. It shows that it’s a nerve reaction to the pain:

There are other ways to test whether magnets are effective. Maybe someday I will sting myself with stinging nettle. I have gotten myself stung on accident before, then placed a magnet over the area to relieve irritation. A niece of mine stung herself with stinging nettle and asked me what she should do. I handed her some magnets and afterward she said that it did feel like it worked. Usually the stinging nettle irritation can last up to an hour, but magnets reduce that down to 5 minutes.

Magnets can deal with the inflammation to a point. Just like they can help with cold conditions to a point as well. I find that I’m less likely to shiver from the cold with magnets. But, in Wisconsin it still can get cold enough to cause shivering. You will shiver at -30 degrees no matter what you wear.


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