Kansas City Council Will Fine a 9 Year Old Boy for Little Free Library in His Yard, but let Google Fiber take over the city

This is very hypocritical of the city that clearly shows how greedy they are for bleeding people for money:


The boy faced a $25 per day fine unless he pulled his Little Free Library that his grandpa helped make.

Which looks more appealing in a city?


bandicam 2014-12-09 10-33-52-391

Maybe I am getting a little too wound up in this conjecture. I don’t know the full story. Perhaps, there is a serious neighbor tension going on between the parents and other people around them. It’s hard to know the back story.Either way, the underlying motivations for City Councils usually seem to be mostly about profits. It’s like they see their positions in government as just a better way to make more money.

At least Berlin, Germany still allows an outside book exchange center:

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