Food Seems to be Quite Prevalent These Days, But We Can’t Assume That Lasts Forever

There was a time in the early 1900s when people were severely struggling to eat. They were abandoning their farming lifestyles and entering the factory workforce in droves. They got very reliant on factory work and when the stock market crashed and sent food prices to record levels, many people grew desperate to eat.

We are seeing the change in our behaviors again, where we are setting ourselves up to fail. The jobs that are being created mostly are in service work or serving food. But the service workers can only serve so much food. They are limited to what can be grown and raised. If some kind of natural disaster hits, we will all be at a loss for food production.

We will have a lot of unskilled service workers and too few people knowledgeable in the ancient ways of farming food. We have over-educated people in arts and philosophy but not enough in practical applications that lead to good homesteading skills and leaving a green foot print.

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